With a sound that has been described as Superchunk married with The Lemonheads, Brisbane’s 4 piece Columbia Buffet have been kicking around the outer suburbs of Brisbane making straight up quality punk-rock music for the past 5 years. Earning their stripes in quality venues around the country and experimenting in their home studio, the band have managed to capture the live energy they are renowned for. Drawing inspiration from bands they love they have created a truly unique sound. “The band have found the perfect middle ground between nostalgic 90s indie/pop punk and modern day rock n roll.” – ToneDeaf.com

“Taking skills and techniques acquired from previous time spent in studios, and 3 years of constant demoing, we chose to record this album by ourselves with drummer Elliott at the controls as engineer. Capturing a less produced, raw sounding album, with plenty of time to experiment and create was really important to us.” – explains the band.

Columbia Buffet took their refined recordings to Callum John Barter (British India, Fraser A Gorman, You am I, Saskwatch) at Newmarket Studios in Melbourne for mixing, after being blown away by some of his more recent work.

“Callum has done some great Albums recently, but one that really impressed us was British India’s – ‘Nothing Touches Me’. We had a strong need to capture and instill the same amount of energy into ‘How to Survive an Atomic Bomb’ as we have in our live shows. Having supported British India on several occasions, we could easily grasp the great talent Callam had for doing this.” – Explains the band on working with Callum.

“Columbia Buffet’s new album is full of catchy bright & tight tracks, with super tasty sounds from massive drums to thick punchy guitars and emotive vocals. Loved mixing it!” – Callum John Barter.